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E-girl is the new aesthetic trend in adolescents, which is breaking the social networks. They emerged from TikTok and this new subculture breaks the standards of beauty; their clothes, their makeup, their accessories and even their personality are what make them different and they carry their style the way they want, that is what represents them.

A little pastel colors, a little grunge, a little emo attitude, maybe dancing on TikTok a little bit of Wannabe de why mona, all this makes you a total E-girl and if you are interested in following this aesthetic we show you the steps to wear this style your way.

Makeup Egirl

Her makeup: The makeup of the e-girls is very characteristic, they play with the eyeshadows, they use as much blush as they want, from the cheeks to the nose, highlighter, they use a super-marked eyeliner, well-marked eyebrows and the vast majority add cast figures with outlined under the eyes, be it hearts, stars and so on.
Get creative! Add a little of yourself and wear that makeup the way you like, but without losing the grunge and kawaii touch.

Soft Girl Clothes

Clothing: If you want to take this style, you definitely need a crop top in your wardrobe, every e-girl has one in her wardrobe
We recommend the Aymee top, it is comfortable and has a grunge and kawaii touch.

You can get it here: https://kawaiidark.com/product/tops-aymee/

On the other hand you can combine it with a skirt, short or jogger:
Here we recommend this skirt, estacool, a dark grunge touch to your outfit, a skirt is a basic, wear what best suits your style!
We leave the link for you to go take a look


Accessories are super important, you can wear from hair clips, chains, chokers, piercings, earrings, represent your own personality in your clothes, give it your touch.
We loved this earring, we think it will go great with any outftit.


Hair Egirl

Hair: Most people dye it constantly and you can use fantasy dyes of the color that you like the most, you can also dye half of your hair in one color and half of another or highlights at the sides.
Some often use hair chalks and these last for weeks or whether your choice is a more semi-permanent dye.
You can also use curling irons or hair straightener to wear it super smooth and with a fringe to complement the style, since the most characteristic thing in this style is the forehead bangs.
We leave you some examples, choose the one you like the most.

Dark Boots Egirl

And finally, let’s not forget the boots or the super grunge platform shoes.
They make your style a little more imposing, heavy, in short dark, with chains or spikes, you can also wear it cute with colored boots, you choose it, diversify your style. We will give you a recommendation with these boots that we found great and you can get them by entering the link


If you want to become an e-girl and you are interested in these items to innovate your style, we recommend this page, they sell great e-girl and soft-girl items! check it out

E girl Meaning
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E girl Meaning
A little pastel colors, a little grunge, a little emo attitude, maybe dancing on TikTok a little bit of Wannabe de why mona, all this makes you a total E-girl