Shipping Faq

Where is the store based?

Guangzhou, China

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?


Is this normal? Why is my package stuck in China?
If your tracking looks like this, please do not worry. The item is just in transit. The tracking number will update only when it reaches your country because that is when someone is able to scan it. If it extends past 3 weeks and you live in America, please contact us and we will find your package for you. For other countries, contact us after you have waited about a month.

How long does shipping take? 

We provide tracked express shipping worldwide.

Shipping takes approximately 15-40 business days depending on your location. Due to the Covid-19 situation, we have revised our shipping times as follows:

Shipping to USA: 15-30 days (tracked international shipping) Shipments to USA will be delivered by USPS.

CountryAverage Transit TimeFastestSlowest
USA18 days*14 days28 days

*Please note that bulky items may take slightly longer to arrive (>35 days) **Items not delivered after 60 days are automatically refunded.

**If you are unable to see any tracking information for your order, please enter your tracking number here or contact us.

Shipping to UK, Germany, France, Italy and Poland: 15-30 days (tracked international shipping)

CountryAverage Transit TimeFastestSlowest
UK14 days11 days21 days
Germany18 days14 days24 days
France15 days14 days24 days
Italy19 days14 days26 days
Poland19 days16 days27 days

Shipping to Canada: 20-30 days (tracked international shipping)

CountryAverage Transit TimeFastestSlowest
Canada24 days*18 days30 days

*Canada post has indicated that they are currently experiencing delays with delivery. We expect all customers to receive their items, and we seek your kind understanding during this time. For more info, please check here.

Shipping to Asia, Australia, New Zealand: 25-30 days (tracked international shipping)

CountryAverage Transit TimeFastestSlowest
Australia16 days14 days30 days
New Zealand22 days17 days31 days
Malaysia17 days12 days28 days
Hong Kong10 days7 days14 days

Shipments to the USA are handled by USPS, while items going to UK and Canada are handled by Royal Mail and Canada Post respectively. Items going to France are handled by La Poste, while items going to Australia are handled by Australian Post.

*When you place an order with us, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and another email with the tracking ID for you to track your order in real time as it speeds through the delivery network

Processing time

The order processing time might take up to 1- 7 business days*

What happens if I don’t receive my order? 

Under our Refund Policy, we will issue a refund for your item that does not arrive after 60 days from the order date. Please be assured that we will do our best to ensure that you receive your item on time, but factors outside our control (i.e., customs clearance, protests, pandemic lockdowns) may cause delays. We seek your kind understanding during this period.

Why don’t I see any tracking information? 

Please give at least 3-5 days for the tracking information to be updated on the logistics side and be displayed. Do note that the tracking link provided in the email may take time to fully load as the tracking number needs to be tracked across different logistics networks for your country. If you are still not able to see any tracking information, please type in your tracking number here or contact us.

Where do you ship to? 

We ship to most countries worldwide including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Australia and most of Southeast Asia.

Do I have to pay for custom fees or VAT? (if applicable)

You are solely responsible for the payment of any customs duties and/or VAT charges for your item(s) to clear customs and enter your country for delivery. It is not possible for Kawaii Dark to make payment for such custom duties and/or VAT charges beforehand, as these payments must be made by the importer (i.e., you) to the relevant customs authorities if requested. The shipping costs not do include any customs duties and/or VAT that may be incurred by you.

From our experience, only Scandinavian and Northern EU countries (such as Sweden and Norway) will require payment of VAT and/or administrative charges for delivery of your item. Most items going to USA, Canada, Germany, France and Asia will not impose additional VAT charges on your item and in most cases are delivered as per normal.

Does each item come with a tracking number? 

Yes, you will receive a tracking number when we ship out your items for you to track your item in real time. This tracking number may also be used to track your order with your local mail delivery service (i.e., USPS, Royal Mail) depending on your country and location.

How long does it take to receive a tracking number? 

It takes approximately 2-5 business days to receive a tracking number for your item. Please note that it may take up to 7 days to receive your tracking number for clothing items, as we will have to tailor the item according to your size selection before shipping them out. For multi-item orders, tracking numbers for all items will only be sent once all the items have been shipped. The tracking numbers will be sent to your email address you used during checkout.

For multi-item orders, why do my items have separate tracking numbers? 

If you have ordered multiple items from our store (for example, a sweater and a pencil case), you may have noticed that we provide two separate tracking IDs for these items. This is because we may ship out your item from separate warehouses across the country depending on availability. We try our best to ship out multiple items in single packages for your convenience. Occasionally, we may also ship out items separately due to packet size restrictions in your country. In either case, you would be able to track each individual item in real time.

How do I track my order using my tracking number?

To track your order in real time, just click on the tracking number sent to your email to see the delivery status of your order.

How would I receive the tracking numbers? 

The tracking numbers would be sent via email to the email you used during checkout.

Order cancellation and change request

We accept 12 hours’ notice to cancel an order or update any changes such as quantity, color, size, or Shipping Address information. Just feel free to contact us. We’re available 24/7 at

[email protected]